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Azure Data Platform Proof of Concept

Hands-on Umsetzung Ihres ersten Use Cases auf der Microsoft Azure Data Platform mit Ihren Daten. Dabei Durchstich durch alle Komponenten und logischen Schichten nach best practices.

Microsoft Data Strategy & Analytics Assessment

Holistic conception of the optimal data platform based on your requirements using Microsoft technologies

Data Platform auf Azure – but secure please!

Many companies use Azure Data Services for Data Management and Analytics tasks or plan the migration to Microsofts cloud platform. There are many reasons for this, such as operating costs and scalability, but what about security?
We will look at which mechanisms can be used on Azure for secure data exchange. how data access can be configured from the service level down to the data level for end users and what options there are for connecting the services securely in terms of network technology and at the same time sealing them off from unwanted visitors.

Azure Data Platform Advanced Security

Data is valueable.
Data needs security!
In our free briefing, you will develop a deeper understanding of security topics and best practices on Azure, especially in the context of the data platform.
We will do joint hands-on checks of your data platform for well proven security techniques and best practices.. The outcome will be a list of well-founded recommendations.